• Tue. Aug 8th, 2023

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Chakwera critics admit MCP clean bill in winning 2025 polls

Aug 8, 2023

Social and political commentator and fierce critique of President Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera says no one should even lie the popularity of MCP is overwhelming.

Joshua Chisa Mbere, who has been a vocal critic since the MCP came into power, said this through his facebook post on the popularity of the party.

“Polankhula mkumati Pamudzi pano anthu atopa ndipo Boma ili latha. In front of your nose Chimwendo…. (Zikhale and others) of the same government are pulling unheard of crowds. More than what Jesus pulled in Galilee. And you are asking; why are you not talking politics anymore:
Ndidziti chani?” He wrote.

Of late MCP’s each and evey rally has been attracting big crowds demonstrating how popular Chakwera is and his Government.

In the past, only central region patronised these rallies but currently even in the Southern Region the situation is the same.

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