• Mon. Sep 18th, 2023

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Chakwera lands MK50 billion cash transfer funding

President Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera’s UN General Assembly trip generated alot of debates, some people even described it as a “waste of money” but government knew better.

In a move which looks like silencing the loud critics, the visit has alreay started bearing fruits, only two days of President Chakwera’s stay in the US.

The exciting news from the US Capital is that the Malawi Social Cash Transfer programme has received a huge boost with an injection of money amounting $42 million (almost MK50 billion).

This sweet news has been conveyed by President Chakwera himself through his Facebook page.

He writes: “Huge boost to our cash transfer programme. GiveDirectly will provide $42 million-over K50 billion Malawi Kwacha.”

The President made the announcement soon after meeting GiveDirectly President Rory Stewart.

President Chakwera further thanked Stewart for an additional $300 million project which GiveDirectly intends to help Malawi with.

The project is set to improve the plight of 460 000 adults in nine districts.

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