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Chakwera optimistic of improved food security by November end

On Monday, 28th August,2023 President Lazarus Chakwera assured Malawians that their government has sourced funds to invest in Mega Farms winter cropping while looking for additional funds so that by the end of November this year, the country has enough harvest from such farms for the country’s consumption to ease the hunger situation in the country.

President Chakwera was speaking at Simbi Primary School ground in the area of Traditional Authority Chakhaza in Dowa District during a development rally he addressed.

“Talking of 120,000 metric tonnes of maize to be harvested before the year end so that we are food secured across the country, and some funds are already available for the project” Said the President.

In his speech, President Chakwera said unity is a key to fast development of Malawi, adding that the construction and opening of Kalipano state-of-the-art Hotel in Dowa marks the beginning of a new era to the district which is an example worthy emulating by other local investors.

Additionally, Chakwera said the investment by renown local investor, business man, and a farmer, Napoleon Dzombe has opened doors of employment to Malawians including those living in the surrounding areas.

“He is doing that to change Malawi, This is the spirit at the helm of the 2063 vision, if the country is to be self-reliant. If our country is to become rich, we need to have many of such thinking and hardworking like Napoleon Dzombe regardless of their school background.

If our country will be rich, it will take to have people of such mindset, not the self-enriching and lazy people” Added President Chakwera.

In his speech during the development rally, President Chakwera registered his dissatisfaction with the progress of the work by contractors on the M1 rehabilitation project, saying one year has gone with no real progress as per expectation. “I am always not happy with such kind of slowness and delays in doing projects” Lamented Malawi leader while saying as a nation, Malawi can not continue to make same mistakes time and again which keep delaying development of the country.

In his speech, MCP Secretary General, Eisenhower Mkaka said Dzombe is sharing the vision of President Chakwera to have Malawi which can create jobs, wealth, and be hunger free, hence Malawi deserve to celebrate achievements by such local investors.

Taking a political stand, Mkaka said Dowa remains the bed-lock for MCP, adding that now even those areas regarded as opposition strongholds are giving support to President Chakwera and MCP.

Parliamentarian for Dowa Ngala, Arthur Sungitsa told the gathering that rural development has been improved following the increase of CDF to K100 million. He also commended Chakwera for the construction of Kasangadzi Dam which will be supplying water to Dowa district.

But Sungitsa requested government to facilitate quick opening of ADMARC depots in his constituency for the people to easily access maize.

During the rally, Patrick Chilondola, Regional Chairman for center, said due to the leadership of President Chakwera, people continue dumping other parties to join MCP, citing the joining of former MP, Lyford Chilunjika and Ewart Gawanani as a testimony.

Chilunjika and Gawanani were officially welcomed into MCP by President Chakwera during the Simbi Primary School rally.

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