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Chakwera’s Likoma Jetty project to add value in business growth

Aug 21, 2023

In his paper titled small business, job creation and growth facts, obstacles and best practices Dr Weston Kakhome who has done extensive research on business says the K10Billion Likoma Jetty will help in business growth in the country.

Transport plays a crucial role in the development of trade in Malawi. As a landlocked country, Malawi heavily relies on transportation infrastructure and logistics networks to connect with regional and international markets. Here are several key roles of transport in trade development in Malawi.

The expert says transport plays a crucial role in the transformation of the economy. Transport  facilitating movement of goods.

Experts see future in President Chakwera’s project

“The efficient transport system enables the smooth movement of goods from production centers to markets. It allows businesses to access raw materials, distribute finished products, and respond to market demands effectively. and  on top of that  the well-developed transport infrastructure, including road, rail, and air connections, provides access to regional markets such as neighboring countries in Southern Africa and international markets beyond the region. This connectivity expands trade opportunities and promotes economic integration, ” he said.

He says efficient transport systems help reduce transportation costs by improving connectivity, reducing transit times, and enhancing logistics operations. Lower transportation costs make goods more competitive, encourage trade, and enhance the overall profitability of businesses.

He says the Likoma Jetty will do magic in stimulating trade.

Former deputy Minister of Transport and Public Works Nancy Chaola Mdooko speaking during her tour of duty when he was working as Deputy Minister urged Mota Engil to speed up production of precast concrete materials for the K10 billion Likoma Island Jetty.

The deputy minister said this when she visited the Portuguese construction and industrial conglomerate main camp at Zalewa to appreciate progress made on production of the materials.

She said as Lake Malawi water levels are high, it would be easy to transport the materials.

The contractor has used concrete materials, comprising 175 pieces of basement and barriers, which were transported from the Zalewa Camp to Chipoka Port by rail. From there, they were loaded on a barge off to the Island.

Depending on the size, one beam weighs between 7 000 kilogrammes (kg) and 13 000 kg.

On his part, director of marine services John Mhango said the jetty will help mobility of people of Likoma Island and the country at large.

Government, which is funding the project launched construction works of the jetty in March 2019.

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