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Christ Healing Church drills members in products manufacturing skills

Aug 6, 2023

Christ Healing Church which is around Madisi in Dowa district on Saturday conducted a product manufacturing training with the aim of saving its members as well as the whole community from economic crisis that has hit the country.

For the whole day on Saturday, Christ Healing Church assembled its members and trained them how to produce sugar, soya pieces, bread, butter as well as soap locally.

Speaking to this publication after the training, Prophet. Dr. Joseph Nyasulu who is also the founder of the Church said the decision follows the socio-economic hardship his flocks and the community are passing through.

According to him, economic hardship is a major setback for people to give their hearts to God.

He said he believe that the situation will not be the same especially after acquiring the knowledge.

“I believe that the economic problems that my flocks as well as the whole community have been facing will be minimised after the training because our main objective is to ensure that their is no poverty in my members,” said Prophet Nyasulu.

One of the beneficiaries, Fatsani Zawanje thanked the Church for the development.

Zawanje said apart from saving their families, the manufactured products will be on the market at a cheaper price.

“Sometimes we were unable to go to Church or do Church duties because of economic problems. But now that will be a history as we shall be able to feed our families and buy our needs after selling some products,” said Zawanje.

Jean Kaduya who was one of the trainers asked the beneficiaries to create cooperatives in order to see their vision come true.

Christ Healing Church is one of the leading Church which is working hard to change the lives of the community around Madisi in Dowa district.

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