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DPP left bitter taste:Malawians are in better hands now

It is not out of hatred that many Malawians of good will feel that the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is not to govern again; not now or in the immediate future.They say that due DPP’s dark history and this truth could not have been said better than the way Selina Kainja has put it in her column.

Through her column My Thought, in the Nation on Sunday newspaper, Kainja bluntly watered down the prospect of DPP governing this country again, saying the party is better off in the opposition than being a ruling party.

She opined that it is very laughable for a party that is failing to manage its internal squabbles to think of bouncing back in power.

She said Malawians do not want another leadership, let alone the DPP, to replace the Malawi Congress Party (MCP). Rather, all Malawians need is mindset change and that total mind transformation should include not allowing DPP to govern this country again.

She writes: “At the expense of sounding like a clitchè, Malawi needs a total mindset shift.The mindset shift will by extension help us realise that parties like DPP that cannot manage internal party squabbles should not be allowed anywhere near the leadership of this country.”

One could not agree more and what she said represents the general view of all Malawians.

Even if one is to ask people in the street their views about DPP, the answers will be the same; they don’t want DPP back in power.

Malawians agrees that our ecomomy is not in good shape, but they also agree that the triggers of the economic meltdown has nothing to do with the government failing to manage it. There is a consesus out that President Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera’ Tonse-led Administration inherited a broken economy which was in near ruines.

This far, it seems the DPP has embarked on a futile project to discredit the current government. It is futile because Malawians are aware that the current economic problems are as a result of several external shocks which have nothing to do with President Chakwera

The Chakwera government assumed power at the height of Covid-19 pandemic.

As the world was recovering from Covid-19 pandemic, it was severely hit by a number of perils; the Ukraine war and the successive tropical Cyclones, the worst of them being this year’s catastrophic Cyclone Freddy which resulted in loss of lives and massive destruction of infrastructure and left the economy which was on the right track in bad shape.

This is the reason more Malawians are willing to give President Chakwera the benefit of doubt, they know that in an ideal world and all things being equal, president Chakwera should have performed way better.

So I agree entirely with Kanja’s thinking that the DPP should not be allowed anywhere near power again.The blue regime left bitter taste and they are not an ideal choice even in desperate situation. Malawians are better off now than under DPP.

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