• Fri. Aug 4th, 2023

DPP scheme to dupe Malawians exposed

Aug 4, 2023

It is clear now that God is siding with Malawians and no devilish plan by the Democratic Progressive Party to continue duping them will prosper.

The DPP has hatched a grand plan continue ripping off Malawians by enticing other Parliamentarians to agree that they should be allocated funds to cater for a lifetime package from which they will benefit half of their current pay long after they cease being Members of Parliament.

Sensing danger now that they are cruising towards a devasting loss in the next elections, the DPP through Member of Parliament for Chitipa South, Werani Chilenga, was preparing to introduce a motion through a Private Members Bill.

According to the Daily Times, Chilenga’s proposal is contained in a notice of a Private Member’s Motion of Parliament dated 1st August, 2023.

In part the notice reads:” Considering the important service that a Member of Parliament offers to this nation during his/her tenure of office and noting that all Presiding Officers are entitled to some kind of a pension after leaving office, concerned with the lack of any pension arrangement for an ex MP, this House resolves that ex-MPs should be receiving,on a monthly basis, half of salary at which they exited for the rest of their lives”.

The proposition has not gone down well with the rights groups. Expressing outrage, the Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) Chairperson Gift Trapence described the motion ‘inconsiderate’ as it comes at a time the country reeling from several economic challenges.

He said:” Malawians are suffering.Instead of Parliamentarians prioritising issues that will help government bail Malawians out of their economic meltdown they are thinking about money”.

Commenting on the matter, University of Malawi political analyst Ernest Thindwa said the move shows that Parliamentarians have no regard for the country’s struggling economy.

It is not surprising that this ourageous greedy proposal is coming from a DPP legislature. It looks more certain that a majority of DPP parliamentarians will not make it in 2025 and this is their fall back plan knowing that they will be jobless in three years time.

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