• Sat. Sep 2nd, 2023

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ECG calls Malawians to adopt mindset change

Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) has called for Malawians to embrace mindset change in order for this country to achieve Malawi’s Agenda 2063.

ECG Lilongwe resident pastor , Charles Gwengwe said this at the ECG headquarters when he addressed a news conference which was aimed at announcing Jesus Nation week which starts on 4 September and ends on 10 same month.

Gwengwe said the week is aimed at embedding gospel at every aspect of life.

Gwengwe gave an example of Government policy on mega farms saying that as a church “they can go beyond the four walls and start owning these mega farms.”

He said there are many companies making super normal profits but they cannot even build a single school block.

Gwengwe said this should not be condoned at all including over dependence on Government on everything.

Gwengwe cited 7 major important areas which through collaborations can help stimulate national development.

These include: religion, family, government, education, media, arts, entertainment and business.

He said religion and good life go together.

He said the overseer is a pastor but he is also a farmer and an accomplished business man.

“Worship, discipleship, and fellowship intersect with good life choices, meaningful vocation, a healthy family, and good character. The Jesus Nation Week will have a cocktail of activities.

“These multi-faced activities will run from Monday the 4th of September to Sunday the 10th of September 2023. The activities are building on the revelation the General Overseer Prophet Dr. Shepherd Bushiri was shown of the seven strategic mountains of mind ‘molders’ that shape the culture of every nation and that we need to capture these strategic places if we are to harvest transformation,” he said.

Gwengwe says ECG is praying for transformation of nations and that the church is this week organizing activities
and prayers around the seven mountains of culture.

“That will enable us to strategically focus both the issues that need to be addressed and the spiritual roots by focusing on the following activities; Charity work to the prisons, hospitals, elderly, outreaches to universities and Media engagement,” he said.

Gwengwe said these seven sectors of society are thought to mold the way everyone thinks and behaves.

Meanwhile all those People whom we have spoken to, have commended ECG for the initiative.

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