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Kabambe should not be clever

The recent media spotlight on Dalitso Kabambe, the former Reserve Bank of Malawi governor and current Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) presidential aspirant, has garnered significant attention.

Many have praised his economic acumen and applauded his performance in a televised interview with Brian Banda on Times Television.

While it is essential to acknowledge his knowledge of economic matters, it is equally crucial to remember Kabambe’s track record and actions during his tenure in various government positions.

During his tenure as Budget Director in the Ministry of Finance, Kabambe presided over a period marred by regularised corruption and abuse of office.
Malawi, at present, is grappling with severe economic challenges, including difficulties in accessing the Extended Credit Facility (ECF) from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).
One of the root causes of these problems can be traced back to Kabambe’s manipulation of financial figures, which has left the country in dire financial straits.
One of the most contentious issues was Kabambe’s role in the sale of Malawi Savings Bank at a price that many considered to be a giveaway. This controversial transaction raised eyebrows and questions about potential improprieties.
Furthermore, Kabambe’s tenure saw a surge in corruption and embezzlement of public funds during the administration of Arthur Peter Mutharika. This period was characterised by allegations of financial misconduct and unethical practices, casting a shadow over the nation’s financial integrity.
It is noteworthy that Kabambe’s recent transformation into a wiser, more vocal opposition figure vying for the DPP presidency is not surprising. However, it raises questions about the authenticity of his newfound principles and whether his past actions can be reconciled with his current stance.
In light of this track record, it becomes evident that Malawians deserve better than Kabambe’s rhetoric and promises. The public’s memory should not be short-lived, and citizens should remain vigilant, critically evaluating the actions and decisions of political figures.
While Kabambe may demonstrate eloquence in economic matters, his past actions speak volumes about his integrity and commitment to the welfare of Malawians.
From the Birds Eye View, the euphoria and hullaballoo surrounding Kabambe’s recent media appearances should not overshadow the reality of his past actions and the consequences they have had on Malawi’s economy.
The nation deserves leaders who prioritise transparency, accountability, and the well-being of its citizens over political opportunism. Malawians should be cautious not to be swayed by clever rhetoric when assessing the suitability of their leaders.
We find solace in the resolute stance taken by Kondwani Nankhumwa, another presidential aspirant within the DPP, who has emphatically declared his opposition to Kabambe assuming the partys leadership.
At the very least, this firm stance provides assurance that the nation will be shielded from the ambitions of the power-hungry Mutharika family, who appear intent on exerting their influence and authority through their nephew, Kabambe.
The events of June 23, 2020, remain etched in the collective memory of Malawians, as it marked a significant turning point when the Mutharika dynasty suffered a resounding defeat in the constitutionally-sanctioned presidential elections. Any endeavor to stage a comeback would only serve to further humiliate the family.
Therefore, Kabambe should refrain from overestimating his cleverness, for the Malawian electorate, which decisively rejected his uncle through the national ballot, possesses a wisdom and discernment that far surpasses his own.

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