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Malawi consulate General Office in Tete rescues a child from prison

Aug 25, 2023

Malawi Consul General office in Tete Mozambique in conjunction with Malawi Embassy in Maputo continue doing a good job.

Just few days ago, the Consul general
office rescued a young girl from

Under the international best practice on
children, it is not allowed for the children to be in prison.

The girl lost her mother in Malawi and her father is in South Africa.

The girl was left in the custody of a sickly and very old granny in Mzimba.

The plan was to send her to RSA and connect with her father.

The Aunt who was to transport her to RSA fell victim of the crooked transporters who cheated them to join on the risky smuggle trip where she was abandoned when confronted by law enforcement officers in Changarra.

The girl has been in prison for 3 months.This is the youngest individual liberated by Malawi consulate in Tete Mozambique, from Chingozi women’s prison where she was kept after being abandoned by cruel transporters.

Malawi’s consul general in
Tete, Mozambique Happy Madika Saka
confirmed to this publication about the incident saying the girl was rescued from chingozi prison following a tip from the prison authorities within the Mozambican
prison services.

“We got a tip from a well wisher within the prison service that there was a young girl at the prison who was abandoned and was very stranded, immediately our officers led by the Vice Consul, Jane Asan rushed to the prison and managed to rescue the girl” saka further said that the officials at the consulate took the girl out of the prison who was in bad shape.

Saka has since warned the people
involved in human trafficking to refrain from such barbaric acts.

The girl, with some well wishers together have been put on a bus to Malawi where a passport will be processed and will travel to her father in RSA.

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