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Malawi’s historic 2022/2023 Tobacco selling season closes

Aug 7, 2023 #TC

The 2023 tobacco selling season which came to an end on Friday with the closure of Mzuzu Floors, will go into history as one of the best season where farmers have fetched more money from their green gold than anticipated.

Some did not even believe that the money which banks were accrediting to them were indeed for them.

This season, 120, 056, 392 kgs valued at $ 282, 618,477 has been sold at an average price of $2.35. The season has been 17 weeks long.

In the 2022 selling season which lasted 20 weeks, 85 million kgs valued at $182 million was sold at an average price of $2.14

According to the Commission, the just ended tobacco selling season was very successful because of the good prices throughout the period. It was even more exciting towards the end of the season when buyers offers record prices.

TC Public Relations Officer Telephorus Chigwenembe says the Commission is pleased that there were no serious market disruptions as was the case in the past.

Meanwhile, registration and licensing of farmers for the 2023/2024 growing season continues at all TC offices – in Mzuzu, Kasungu, Lilongwe and Limbe.

When opening the market in April this year, Malawi leader President Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera made a strong appeal to all Tobacco buyers to buy the leaf at good prices.

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