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MCP impressed by Chakwera’s leadership

Aug 2, 2023

The Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has always shown other political parties in the democratic era how a democratic party looks like. Unlike other parties that touts themselves to be democratic, like the struggling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), MCP has never been afraid to hold the elective conventions to elect new office bearers or renew their mandates.

It is surprising that MCP is the only true democratic party in the Malawi that uphold the principles of democracy yet we were meant to believe through the repeated lies of President Bakili Muluzi that MCP never wanted democracy in the country.

It should not be surprising therefore that MCP survived 26 years in the opposition, the secret to their survival is that office holders derive their powers from people every five years through a convention.

It is in the spirit of democracy that the MCP Secretary General Eisenhower Mkaka has announced that the party will hold its convention in August 2024 where all the positions will be competed for.

However, Mkaka underlined that no matter what happen at the convention, the party President Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera will continue as the party president as he enjoy massive support in the party.

But here is where things gets more interesting and exciting for MCP, although the President wields more influence by virtue of being the State President, he has no intention to impose himself as the leader and he will allow due process to take place.

This means his continuity as the party president will be ratified by the convention.

Speaking on Monday at a press conference in Lilongwe, Mkaka said MCP is happy with the leadership of President Chakwera and they will be happy to see him as the presidemt beyond 2024.

He said: “But that is not to say that if there is somebody who feels they can match up with Dr Chakwera, they should come forward and participate in the race. But in as far as MCP members are concerned, they have no problem with the current President leading the party again from August 2024.”

This is a stark contrast to what is happening in the DPP where everyone who dare to express interest to contest as the party president against Peter Mutharika is being subjected to all sorts of victimisation. As we speak, Kondwani Nankhumwa who is daring Mutharika risks expulsion for merely expressing his desire to become the DPP president.

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