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Mutharika is a good example of a bad leader

Aug 13, 2023

Time they say is the best teacher. Time has a way of revealing man’s real character. The Death of Goodall Gondwe, has also told us a sad story of Peter Mutharika.

Goodall Gondwe who breathed his last on Wednesday is to walk his last mile tomorrow in his home village of Enukweni in Mzimba district and has been mourned by every Malawian across the political divide for his stance of being apolitical when it comes to issues of national interest.

This is why President Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera led Malawians in mourning the fallen economic luminary. We saw for ourselves, the grief stricken Head of State visiting Gondwe’s homestead to pay his last respect.

This is a mark of true leadership. Chakwera is the type of leader who congregate with people in good and bad times.

These attributes are completely opposite to his predecessors. Peter Mutharika lives for himself. He is that type of a leader who needs people when its convenient to him, only to abandon them when they need him most.

Goodall Gondwe was not only a DPP stewart, he was more than a friend. It is said that as childhood friends, they both attended Dedza Secondary School. They both served in the Bingus Cabinet. Aptly, Gondwe’s story would be incomplete without mentioning Peter Mutharika. Yet, Mutharika has not been in sight since Goodall’s death was announced.

Yes, it is rumoured that Mutharika is planning to attend Gondwe’s funeral on Monday, but if Mutharika was cultured he should have at least the bereaved family before burial. Akumva bwanji mu mtima kumangokhala ku PAGE house all these days when his friend is lying cold?

Some people are making excuses for Mutharika that the reason he does not go to funerals is that he is more American than a Malawian, and in America people don’t live for each other and they do not practice funeral rituals the way we do in Malawi. But that is just an excuse because Mutharika was a Malawian first before he became an American.

Secondly those defending the indefensible are saying that, as a former President its in order to just go at his funeral. They are giving his title of former president prominence than umunthu, they forget that APM is human before the u pulezont

We can write a whole book about Mutharikabso we must draw a lesson from his sad behavioural pattern; the moral lesson is that Peter Mutharika is a good example of a bad leader.

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