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President Chakwera calls upon Malawians to embrace the spirit of labour:

Aug 5, 2023

By Kondanani Chilimunthaka

President Lazarus Chakwera has called upon every Malawian to embrace the spirit of laborer, if the country is to develop tremendously.

He made the call at Mzuzu Stadium during the consecration of the very Reverend Fr. Youane Suzgo Nyirenda as the Auxiliary Bishop of the Catholic Church-Mzuzu Diocese.

“I call on all of us as a nation to embrace the spirit of labour, the spirit of hardwork, the spirit of eating only what we have laboured for, and the spirit of feeding the vulnerable from the harvest that we ourselves have reaped from our own sweat”. Said President Chakwera.

He further told the gathering at Mzuzu Stadium that the country has opportunities that need to be put to good use for aspirations of Malawi to be achieved through its 2063 vision, saying everything Malawians want to see in the nation as spelled in Malawi 2063 vision is only possible if the citizenry work hard for it.
Malawi leader in his speech told the nation that just as the church is sent on a mission by God to preach the gospel, the country’s citizens are also on a mission towards the country development.

Said the President: “As saints of the church, our mission is to preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the poor and to serve them sacrificially, and as citizens of this nation, our mission is to develop the nation for the public good so that the poor can benefit from the natural resources or riches that God has endowed upon this beautiful country”.

The President has since warmed the Malawians against living lives of exploitation of corruption and selfishness, urging them to follow the example of Christ in labouring and in the mission, saying Christ set an example of the kind of character it takes to build a kingdom, hence Malawi must embrace it by producing citizens patriotic enough to build Malawi.
Born on 20th June, 1976, Very Reverend Fr. Yohane Suzgo Nyirenda was appointed to the position of an Auxiliary Bishop on 5th May, 2023 by Pope Francis, and will be serving under Bishop John Ryan of the Mzuzu Diocese which has 19 Parishes.

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