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President Chakwera hails Napoleon Dzombe

Aug 29, 2023

President Lazarus Chakwera has hailed Malawi’s renown farmer, business man, and investor, Napoleon Dzombe for his vision in various investments that have turn to be vital in partnering with government towards achieving ATM strategy for agenda 2063.

Speaking during official opening of newly constructed Kalipano Hotel at Ntalimanja Village in Dowa district, President Chakwera described Napoleon Dzombe as one celebrated local investor who has led the way of rural investments with state-of-the-art facility.

“Of course, Mr. Dzombe is no stranger to performing wonders, since most Malawians already know of his prowess as a farmer in the agricultural sector, an philanthropist in the health sector, an entrepreneur in the business sector, a trainer in the education sector, a philanthropist in the social sector, and a food processor in the manufacturing sector.

But it is safe to say that the feat he has accomplished here as a developer in the Tourism sector deserves special attention as the crown jewel of his illustrious career as an investor” Hailed President Chakwera.

Here President Chakwera hailed Dzombe for taking tourism to rural areas through establishment of Kalipano Hotel at Ntalimanja village in Dowa which is his home village, further commending him for partnering the public sector through Sunbird Hotel which will be managing the facility.

“I know most of the mistrust private sector players have stems from their bad experiences with the past Administrations, and Mr. Dzombe himself has faced many frustrations under past Administrations. But today, he is back with new investments because he knows I was not part of those Administrations and those Administrations are no longer here. Not only do I have good intentions towards the private sector, but I also have a good plan” Added the President.

President Chakwera has since appealed for tourists to patronize the Kalipano Hotel in Dowa to appreciate a new and memorable experience away from home.

Constructed by renown Napoleon Dzombe of Ntalimanja Holdings, the Kalipano Hotel will be managed by the Sunbird Hotel.

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