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Senior Chief Chitanthamapiri predicts Chakwera landslide

Sep 8, 2023

One of Malawi’s influencial Chief Fukamapiri on Friday predicted that Malawi President Dr Lazarus Chakwera will win with landslide.

Speaking at a development rally in Nkhatabay which Chakwera held, the chief said according to how the wind is blowing Chakwera will have an easy go.

The chief said he was impressed with the levels of developments which president Chakwera has lined up for this country, particularly with the launch of the Linga Mega Farm in Nkhata Bay, a clear manifestation that his flagship Mega Farm drive has steadily taken off.

Since pre-election campaign, the mega farm idea has been at the heart of President Chakwera’s transformation agenda which seeks to end hunger and poverty both at household and national level in line with Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number one (Eradicating extreme poverty and hunger) and Malawi 2063 Pillar number 1 (Agriculture productivity and commercialization).

The Mega Farm concept aims at establishing large scale production units at one place with having all necessary supporting resources i.e. human, capital, equipment and infrastructure from land preparation to marketing.

The major component at Linga Mega Farm is an irrigation scheme which is supporting over 800 small scale farmers in rice and beans production.

Currently, the scheme covers 450 hectares and will reach 500 hectares by the end of this year. At its fullest utilization, the irrigation scheme has the potential to cover over 2,500 hectares.

In the coming months, the Mega Farm will have agro-processing facilities to support value addition to the yield from the farmers.

Currently, over 300 entrepreneurs are undergoing training at Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR) to equip them with requisite technical expertise on how best to produce market-ready items.

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