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Sports Minister Uchizi Mkandawire says sports key to a healthy life

Youth and Sports lMinister Uchizi Mkandawire says sports is key to a healthy life.

In an exclusive interview soon after attending the Joggers of the Move fundraising event in Lilongwe, Mkandawire said healthy people are the ones that add value to social, economic as well as political life.

Mkandawire commended Joggers on the Move for turning sports into fundraing events citing the recent move by the group to seek assistance from well wishers to purchase medical equipment for Area 25 Health Centre.

“Am very pleased to be here this morning to present prizes to the winners of the 2023 Joggers on the Move marathon. Before I do so, allow me to commend the executive of Joggers on the Move initiative for organizing this marathon. What pleases me the most is that apart from promoting healthy life style and promoting the sport of athletics, the marathon has been organized to raise funds for procurement of beds and mattresses for Area 25 Health Centre. This is very commendable because it demonstrates the impact that sports has on the peoples lives. Sports can change the lives of people in several ways and this is one of them,” says the minister.

“I, therefore, encourage Joggers on the Move to continue organizing these kind of initiatives in order to change lives of many people in need while promoting the sporting culture and excellence in the country.”

The minister then thanked people who participated in the marathon and its associated activities saying they have contributed greatly to the success of the program.

You have contributed to each and every bed and matress that will be procured for Area 25 Health Centre,” he emphasized.

“Government under the wise leadership of his Excellency Dr. Lazarus Mc.Carthy Chakwera, President of the Republic of Malawi will continue to work hand-in-hand with all stakeholders who have interest to develop sport and use sport to improve the lives of people in the country.”

Joggers on the Move Treasure Tony Kamanga said his organization decided to hold the running competition as one way of raising funds for area 25 health centre.

Kamanga commended Sunbird, Sigerege Hotel and Unicaf for the assistance rendered in order for them meet the target.

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