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Truth regarding encroachment of school grounds in Malembo and Ministry of education efforts in encouraging sports in schools.

A renowned business pundit and scholar at Havard University School of business, Michael Porter once said human capital is the engine of all economic and financial growth of all sectors of life . This is exactly what the Ministry of Education has envisaged in its programming.

Malembo Secondary school with ground intact

The Ministry has made it clear on the need of promoting sports in all its schools and currently about 102 public secondary schools are expected to benefit from sports equipment that Ministry of Education is distributing across the country.

Players playing football in schools

Most schools have already received the equipment, which includes netball shoes, balls for handball, football goal posts, chessboards, javelin, discus and volleyball nets.

The stories flying around accusing the ministry of killing sports in schools as the case of Malembo Secondary school are really fake news and misleading to Malawians.

This publication and some Ministry officials visited this school in the area of Senior chief Khongoni but the football pitch which some quarters had reported to have been killed for classrooms is intact and students are playing football as usual.

Malawians should appreciate to say the truth as it is. Malembo CDSS Deputy Headteacher Derrick Chunga, told the delegation that there is no encroachment happening at the school as published in other media houses.

Kinna Electric Phiri, who is the Deputy Director of sports in Ministry of Youth Sports and Culture says is currently working directly with the Ministry of Education and managers in developing sports in schools.

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