• Sat. Sep 9th, 2023

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We have sought MACRA intervention – Horace Boti speaks out on deputy minister Mdooko’s hacked fb account

Sep 9, 2023

Deputy Minister of Education Nancy Chaola Mdoko has beckoned Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA) to intervene on the issue of her Facebook page which has been hacked by evil minded people this week, her personal assistant Horace Boti has confirmed.

Unknown people have taken over administrative rights for Mdoko’s Facebook account and have since been posting nude pictures.

“We noticed the anormally on Wednesday morning when we realized that we no longer had administrative rights to the page and that someone was posting in the story section nude pictures,” said Boti in an interview.

“We immediately reported to Macra who contacted Facebook to rectify the case. We are waiting on Facebook to do the needful.”

In 2016, Malawi Parliament passed Electronic Transactions and Cyber Security Bill which makes provision for electronic transactions for the establishment and functions of the Malawi Computer Emergency Response Team (MCERT) to make provision for criminalizing offences related to computer systems and information communication technologies and provide for investigation, collection and use of electronic evidence and for matters connected therewith and incidental thereto.

What it means is that anyone found violating the act faces criminal consequences and may be jailed or fined.

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